Real People Project: Behind the Scenes with Lauren

Real People Project:  Behind the Scenes with Lauren

Rack Room Shoes recently launched the Real People Project, a celebration of our customers. Our first real customer is Lauren, a performer from San Antonio, Texas.

We traveled to Lauren’s hometown and filmed her over three days to capture all of the places she takes her Rack Room Shoes.

At the first stop we watched her coaching kids at a neighborhood pool, which happens to be the same pool where Lauren trained when she was in school.

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With coaching and a busy performance schedule, it’s hard for Lauren to find free time for hobbies, but when she can sneak away from responsibilities, she loves to go swing dancing. We went with Lauren to one of the oldest dance halls in Texas, the Sisterdale Dance Hall where she danced the night away with her partner of many years. On the day we spent with Lauren she had on bright white classic Keds and full of joy as her partner was spinning her around to the sounds of classic country western.

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We spent one day following Lauren hanging out in downtown San Antonio by the famous Riverwalk area with her friends. Most of her friends are also performers so the animated bunch had a great time goofing around and enjoying their day off in casual conform and athleisure styles.

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To see Lauren on stage is to see her come alive. The Rack Room team had an opportunity to watch her perform in several shows at Six Flags. She pulled triple duty singing and dancing in a Motown show, a Pop music show and in an 80’s theme performance in the big theater, sporting her classic Converse.

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We loved following Lauren and hope you enjoyed learning a little more about her story.


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